Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Why do we need to think about education?

As mentioned in the previous post, our destructive ways of treating earth are reproduced by an education system that has been established with the beginning of the industrial revolution. There might have been many new ideas that went into education since then, but the basic premises never changed.

Education produces human beings as a mineable ressource for economic needs. It classifies the products in different layers of usability. Many Talents that we humans posess, talents that evoulution deemed essential for our survival, never have a chance to develop. If its not exploitable by industry your talent is "worth" nothing.

This world is run by a system of old men to work for old men. These old men and their system are responsible for destroying the livelyhood of many generations to follow. But these old men are terrified. They are terrified of change, terrified of youth, terrified of new ideas, terrified of loosing power and most of all terrified of loosing money.

But change is all around us. The world is in turmoil. There is no way that we can go on to live by the rules and ideologies of the last 200 years. This is definite certainty. But we have no idea how the world will look like in the future. Never has our future been more uncertain than today.

We have no idea what talents will be needed in the exploited world that we leave our children. We can only hope they will find ways to adapt. But what we actually do is wage a war against any young people that want to make use of their talents in new ways. We wage a war on those that want to start building a better world today (see my post on the war on youth

This is another TED talk about education by Sir Ken Robinson from 2006 with the title "Do schools kill creativity". Please enjoy:

And another one from 2013 "How to escape education's death valley":

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