Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Trump is president elect!

The reaction of the western establishment to Trumps election is shock, and rightly so. Politicians of the neoliberal consense in the political center should be shocked into giving up alltogehter. Everything they stood for has gone down the toilet as Trump hit the fan.  Faced with the choice of more neoliberal, global, financial capitalism and a mad, misogynist, racist, clown, the people of the USA voted for the clown. It is crazy, but it reflects on the state that global capitalism finds itself in.

The elites held on to a failed System and the voters now take any chance to "suck it to them". Things could have been different if it had been Trump and Sanders on the ticket, but the democratic establishment forced through their candidate against the public will. In a fair vote with sane election finance legislature it probably would have been Sanders on the ticket, but now we have Trump and maybe america deserves him.

This today is the next big step on the way to the end of capitalism. Republicans have the house and the senate and they have abandoned sanity for some time. They will be able to end the blockade in US politics, but to what end? Trump and the republicans will utterly fail, because they have no answers whatsoever to the problems that capitalism faces today. He and his followers are in total denial to anything concerning the real world. The notion of a failing capitalism is as alien and abhorrent to them as gay marriage. His policy wll lead to more inequality, more violence, more hate against minorities, more prisoners, more burning of fossil fuels, more global warming, more pollution, more power for the rich and more civil unrest. This is the post-factual end of enlightement, humanism and intellectualism. This choice by the US voters has made any chance for a smooth transition into a post-growth post-capitalist world lead by scientific necessity unfeasable (if there ever was one). This will mean no less than facing the collapse of our civilisation in the next 4 years. 

Trump will dig the grave of capitalism and there is nothing that our (european) elites can do about it. The will hang on even more to TINA and will use the fear of Trumpism in europe in the elections to come. It will do them no good. The ideological basis that was neoliberalism, has eroded beyond salvation. If there are no rational left alternatives europe will fall to the extreme right, as the extreme centre is lost.

As a cynic, I ill end on that note. There is hope that the  radical idiocy of Trump could bring down capitalism and our civilisation soon enough to save the climate. Wouldn't that be great?

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